The Byers’ ‘Stranger Things’ House could be yours for $300K

The Byers' home from Stranger Things is up for sale in Georgia - Price $300K

If you like STRANGER THINGS today is your day! because the Byers house is for sale. 

Currently listed for $300,000 in Fayetteville, GA-Twitter

 “I’m a super fan of the show and you know, I thought it was gonna be big — but I didn’t realize it would be that big.” - real estate agent Michael Smith

The entire lot where the home is situated consists of more than six acres of land.

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most popular shows. According to ScreenRant, the show's fourth season had more than 300 million hours of view time.

This pic was also in the listing.

Any die-hard Stranger Things fan would love to visit the house where so many scenes of the show took place. And now that this three-bedroom house is for sale, this dream could become a reality!